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KlikRadio: AGE CONNECT & DAGGA’s ‘The Moment’ – A Spring Hit Not to Miss!

Exciting news for all AGE CONNECT fans and our music community! KlikRadio has chosen our latest track, “The Moment” with the incredible DAGGA, as a highlighted spring hit. This Monday, tune into KlikRadio to experience the magic of our newest collaboration, which is not just a song, but a manifesto of emotion, innovation, and sound power.

‘The Moment’: More Than Just Music

“The Moment” is a vibrant production by AGE CONNECT, enhanced by DAGGA's dynamic vocals, which bring an expressive depth that moves the soul and sparks the imagination. This track is inspired by our collective experiences in the modern world, reflecting on the importance of the present moment—how it shapes our lives, our journeys, and our hopeful visions for the future.

A Creative Collaboration

Our collaboration with DAGGA, alongside our talented team of composers—Mirez Music, Mr_Freddy Music, and Alterbøi Music—has been incredibly fulfilling. "The Moment" captures the essence of what we aim to convey: seizing the magic of now, exploring life’s journey, and looking forward with a beam of hope.

Hear It First on KlikRadio

Don’t miss the chance to hear “The Moment” first on KlikRadio. If you haven’t listened to it yet, now is the perfect time to discover what you’ve been missing. Tune in to KlikRadio, where we play the hits first, and feel the emotions we’ve poured into every note of this song.

A Message from AGE CONNECT

“We are immensely excited to share 'The Moment' with our fans and the world. Working with DAGGA and our team of composers was not only a unique experience but also a fulfillment of our artistic aspirations. We eagerly await the moment you all can experience the emotions embedded in every note of this song.” - Founders of AGE CONNECT

Countdown with Us

“The Moment” is more than just another track on your playlist—it’s a voice of unity, love, and the enduring power of music. Join us as we countdown the days to share this magical composition with you.

For those ready to dive into the sound of AGE CONNECT and DAGGA, check out KlikRadio. And if you wish to support the station, consider donating at their Tipply page: Donate to KlikRadio.

Catch a glimpse of the track on YouTube here: Watch on YouTube

Thank you for your support, and get ready for an unforgettable musical experience with “The Moment”.

With love and music, The AGE CONNECT Team


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