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"The Moment" Continues to Shine on Muzyczne Radio!

Updated: Apr 30

Great news for all fans of AGE CONNECT and DAGGA! Our track, "The Moment," continues to capture hearts and airwaves, as it is once again featured on Muzyczne Radio. We’re thrilled to see our song maintaining its momentum and are immensely grateful for the continued support from this fantastic station.

Keep the Airwaves Alive with ‘The Moment’

Muzyczne Radio has been instrumental in spreading the sound of "The Moment" to a wide audience, and their ongoing support is invaluable to us. We encourage all our fans to keep tuning into Muzyczne Radio and request "The Moment" to help keep it on the playlist. Each play and request not only supports our music but also reinforces the strong connection between our music and listeners.


How to Listen and Support

To listen to "The Moment" on Muzyczne Radio, simply tune in through their broadcast or online stream. Enjoy our music along with a great mix of other hits and classics that the station expertly curates. Don’t forget to use the radio’s request feature to ask for "The Moment" and keep it spinning!

Spread the Word

Help us keep the momentum going by sharing the news on social media, and encouraging friends and family to tune in and support the track. Every bit of exposure helps and ensures that "The Moment" reaches as many ears as possible.

A Big Thank You

We want to express our deepest gratitude to Muzyczne Radio for their continued support and to all of you, our loyal fans, for every stream, share, and word of mouth promotion. Your enthusiasm and dedication are what drive us forward.

Thank you for being a part of this journey, for your continued love, and for making "The Moment" a continued success on Muzyczne Radio.

Stay tuned, keep listening, and let’s keep making musical magic together!

With appreciation and excitement, The AGE CONNECT Team


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