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The Moment’ Secures Spot #8 in Radio Podlasie’s TOP 10!

Exciting news for all AGE CONNECT and DAGGA fans! Our latest track, "The Moment," has clinched the #8 spot on Radio Podlasie’s prestigious TOP 10 chart. This is a significant achievement, and we are thrilled to see our music making waves and resonating with listeners.

‘The Moment’ Rises in the Charts

The placement of "The Moment" in the TOP 10 is a testament to the strong connection and impact the song has had on its audience. We are deeply grateful to Radio Podlasie for featuring our track and to all the listeners who have embraced our music with such enthusiasm.

Show Your Continued Support

The journey doesn’t stop here! We can help "The Moment" climb even higher on the charts with your continued support. Tune into Radio Podlasie, request "The Moment," and share your love for the track on social media. Every request and share helps keep the momentum going.


How to Keep Supporting

  1. Listen: Keep tuning into Radio Podlasie to catch "The Moment" on air.

  2. Request: Don’t forget to request "The Moment" on Radio Podlasie to help it move up in the charts.

  3. Share: Spread the word by sharing the track and your love for it on social media. Use hashtags like #TheMoment and tag Radio Podlasie to increase visibility.

Thank You for Making This Possible

We want to extend a huge thank you to every single one of you for your incredible support. It’s your enthusiasm and engagement that fuel our success and inspire us to keep creating music that moves and connects.

Let’s keep pushing and see how much higher we can take "The Moment" together!

With gratitude and excitement, The AGE CONNECT Team


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