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Catch Us Live on RadioWnet PolishCharts for 'The Moment' Premiere!

Exciting news, AGE CONNECT fans! We’re gearing up for a special live interview on RadioWnet PolishCharts, where we'll dive deep into the details surrounding the premiere of our latest track, "The Moment," featuring the incredible DAGGA. This is your chance to join us behind the scenes as we discuss everything from the inspiration behind the song to the exciting collaboration process.

Tune In for the Inside Scoop

Join us live on RadioWnet PolishCharts where members of AGE CONNECT, along with DAGGA, will share insights into the making of "The Moment." We'll talk about the creative sparks that fueled the project, the challenges we faced, and the exhilaration of bringing our vision to life. Plus, you'll get to hear firsthand stories about our collaboration and maybe even some sneak peeks into future projects.

Live Interview Details:

  • Where: RadioWnet PolishCharts

  • How to Listen: Tune in via RadioWnet's website or on your radio at the PolishCharts station.

Interact With Us During the Show

This isn’t just about us talking—you're part of the conversation too! We’ll be taking questions live, giving you the opportunity to engage with us directly. Have a question you’ve been dying to ask about "The Moment" or want to know more about our music journey? This is your moment!


Why You Shouldn't Miss Out

This live interview is not just about promoting our song; it's an opportunity to connect with our fans and share the passion that drives our music. It's a celebration of "The Moment," sure, but also of our community of listeners who make all of this worthwhile.

Join Us and Be Part of the Experience

Mark your calendars and set a reminder—you won't want to miss this live session. It’s a perfect way to learn more about "The Moment," understand what makes AGE CONNECT and DAGGA tick, and be part of our music journey as it unfolds.

We can’t wait to share this time with you and dive into all the details of our exciting new release. See you there!

With excitement and anticipation, The AGE CONNECT Team


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