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Warsaw, 06th Sept. 2023 — Following the resounding success of their debut single "Power of Devotion," dynamic duo AGE CONNECT and the incomparable Lidia Kopania are back to sweep the music scene with their latest release "Together." The talented artists are all set to enchant listeners with their disco magic, as they take a rhythmic journey back to the iconic sounds of the 1970s. "Power of Devotion" saw AGE CONNECT and Lidia Kopania make a stunning debut, garnering widespread attention and a flurry of airplay across numerous platforms. The single's success paved the way for their much-anticipated second release, "Together." True to its name, the track showcases the perfect blend of AGE CONNECT's innovative musical prowess and Lidia Kopania's soulful vocals, creating an electrifying synergy that's bound to captivate audiences far and wide. "‘Together’ is a celebration of unity and music," says AGE CONNECT. "It's about bringing people from different walks of life together through the universal language of disco. We were blown away by the response to 'Power of Devotion,' and we believe 'Together' will take that energy even further." Lidia Kopania adds, "Disco music has this timeless charm that transcends generations. It’s been an absolute thrill working with AGE CONNECT again, and 'Together' is our tribute to an era that continues to inspire us."


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