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‘The Moment’ Secures #2 Spot on KlikRadio’s Kliklista!

We are thrilled to announce that “The Moment” by AGE CONNECT featuring DAGGA has soared to the #2 position on KlikRadio’s Kliklista chart! This fantastic achievement highlights the continued popularity and love for our track among listeners.

Celebrating Our Success on Kliklista

Reaching the second spot on Kliklista is a remarkable accomplishment, showcasing the incredible resonance of “The Moment” with fans across the broadcast area. This chart position is a testament to the powerful connection our music has forged with our audience, and we’re incredibly proud and thankful for the support.


Keep the Energy Going

Let’s not stop here! Help us reach the top spot by continuing to request and play “The Moment” on KlikRadio. Every play counts, and with your ongoing support, we can see our track move up to #1.

How You Can Help

1. Request the Song: Keep requesting “The Moment” on KlikRadio to help boost its position.

2. Spread the Word: Share your love for the track on social media, and encourage friends and family to tune in and support the song on KlikRadio.

3. Engage with Us: Let us know what you love about “The Moment” and share your stories of how the song has impacted you.

A Big Thank You

We are immensely grateful to KlikRadio for featuring our music and to all of you, our dedicated fans, for your continuous streams, requests, and enthusiasm. Your unwavering support not only propels our music up the charts but also inspires us every day.


Looking Forward

As “The Moment” continues to climb the charts, we look forward to sharing more exciting updates and milestones with you. Stay tuned for more music, events, and hopefully more chart-topping news!

Thank you for being a crucial part of our journey and for making “The Moment” a phenomenal success.

With appreciation and excitement,



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