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The Moment’ Hits the Airwaves in Berlin!

We have more fantastic news to share with all our AGE CONNECT fans! Our track “The Moment,” featuring the spectacular vocals of DAGGA, is now being played on radio stations across Berlin. This expansion into one of Europe’s key music capitals marks an exciting development for us.

Berlin Embraces ‘The Moment’

Berlin, known for its vibrant and diverse music scene, has started to embrace “The Moment,” and we’re thrilled to see our music reaching new audiences. The track’s presence on Berlin radio stations signifies our growing influence and the universal appeal of our sound.


Support ‘The Moment’ in Berlin

If you’re in Berlin or have friends in the city, here’s how you can help keep the momentum going:

1. Tune In: Listen to local stations playing “The Moment” and enjoy the blend of energies that DAGGA and AGE CONNECT bring to your radio.

2. Request the Song: Don’t hesitate to request “The Moment” on your favorite Berlin stations to help increase its playtime.

3. Spread the Word: Share your support on social media, and let others know about “The Moment” being featured in Berlin. Every mention helps!

A Special Thanks

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to the radio stations in Berlin for picking up “The Moment” and to all of you for your relentless support and enthusiasm. This achievement is as much yours as it is ours, and we couldn’t do it without you.


Stay Connected

Keep an eye on our social media for updates and stories about “The Moment” and its journey through the music scenes of Europe and beyond. We’re excited about what the future holds and look forward to bringing you along on this thrilling ride.

Thank you for your continued support and for being an integral part of our musical journey.

With love and music,



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