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Sound Station Cover

Sound Station Now Playing on German Bayern Radio!

Exciting news, AGE CONNECT & ROCKAWAY fans!

We are thrilled to announce that our hit track, "Sound Station," has crossed borders and is now being featured on the prestigious Bayern Radio in Germany! This is a monumental step for us, showcasing our music on one of Germany's most beloved radio stations. It's an honor to have "Sound Station" resonate with listeners far beyond our home base, and we couldn't have achieved this without your incredible support.

Being played on Bayern Radio is a dream come true, and it marks a significant milestone in our musical journey. This achievement not only broadens our reach but also introduces our sound to a new audience, spreading the AGE CONNECT & ROCKAWAY vibe across the globe.

We want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to Bayern Radio for recognizing our music and to all of you, our amazing fans, for your relentless support. Your votes, streams, and shares have propelled "Sound Station" to new heights, and this is just the beginning!

We encourage everyone to tune into Bayern Radio to catch "Sound Station" in action. It's a moment of pride for us and a fantastic opportunity for our music to touch more lives. Let's celebrate this achievement together and continue to share the love and energy that "Sound Station" brings.

For those who haven't had the chance to listen to "Sound Station" yet, now is the perfect time! And for our fans in Germany, be sure to spread the word and let your friends and family know about AGE CONNECT & ROCKAWAY's presence on Bayern Radio.

This is a testament to the power of music and its ability to connect us, no matter where we are in the world. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey, for your enthusiasm, and for helping us make waves internationally.

Here's to more music, more milestones, and more moments of connection through sound!

With gratitude and rock on, The AGE CONNECT & ROCKAWAY Team


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