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Sound Station Celebrates Another Week in the TOP 10 on LagoonFM's Hitlist!

Exciting news, AGE CONNECT & ROCKAWAY fans!

We're back with another incredible milestone to share: "Sound Station" has secured its spot in the TOP 10 on LagoonFM's Hitlist for yet another week! This achievement marks not just the enduring appeal of our latest hit but also the unstoppable force of our amazing fan base. Thanks to your unwavering support and passion, we're maintaining our presence among the hottest tracks in the music scene.

Staying in the TOP 10 on LagoonFM is a testament to the connection we've built through "Sound Station." It's your enthusiasm, your streams, and, importantly, your votes that keep us riding high on the charts. LagoonFM is known for showcasing the best of the best, and to be recognized on their platform week after week is an honor we don't take lightly.

But let's not stop here! We're calling on you, our dedicated fans, to help us keep the momentum going. Here's how you can continue to support "Sound Station":

  1. Vote: If you haven't already, cast your vote for "Sound Station" on LagoonFM's Hitlist. Every vote helps us maintain our standing and introduces our music to new ears. VOTE HERE

  2. Stream: Keep streaming "Sound Station" on all your favorite platforms. The more plays we get, the more attention we draw.

  3. Share: Spread the word about "Sound Station" and its success on LagoonFM. Share links to the hitlist, post about it on social media, and encourage your friends and family to vote and listen.

Your support has been the driving force behind "Sound Station's" success, and we're endlessly grateful for the love and dedication you've shown us. Let's celebrate another week in the TOP 10 and push for even greater heights together!

Thank you for being the best fans out there. Here's to making more music history together!

Rock on and keep voting, The AGE CONNECT & ROCKAWAY Team


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