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Sound Station Cover

Sound Station’ Celebrates 19 Weeks on LagoonFM’s TOP20 Chart!

We have some exciting news to share with all AGE CONNECT fans! Our hit track “Sound Station” has been holding a strong position on LagoonFM’s TOP20 chart for an impressive 19 weeks. This incredible run highlights the song’s enduring appeal and the fantastic support from our listeners.

A Continuous Hit on LagoonFM

The continued success of “Sound Station” on the charts is a testament to the love and support we receive from you, our fans. Staying in the TOP20 for nearly five months shows just how much our music resonates with listeners, and we are thrilled to see it still going strong.

Gratitude to Our Fans

We owe this milestone to each of you who tunes in every week, requests our songs, and shares your love for “Sound Station.” Your enthusiasm not only keeps the track alive on the airwaves but also fuels our passion for creating music that connects and entertains.

Keep the Support Going

Let’s keep the momentum going! You can help “Sound Station” continue its chart-topping journey by continuing to request and play the song on LagoonFM. Let’s aim for even more weeks on the chart!

Celebrate with Us

We invite all of you to celebrate this achievement with us. Tune into LagoonFM to listen to “Sound Station,” share your favorite moments from the track on social media, and tell us what has kept this song on your playlist for so long.

A Big Thank You

Thank you again for your incredible support. We are constantly amazed by the dedication of our fans, and we promise to keep bringing you music that makes you want to keep listening.

Here’s to more weeks on the charts and more music from AGE CONNECT!

With love and appreciation,



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