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About the Artists:

AGE CONNECT are Peter Surray, originally from Wuppertal, now living in Poland, and Tomek Labanowski, who works as a producer in Warsaw. They started to cooperate in July 2021.

Their first singles "Power Of Devotion" and "Together" as well as "Sound Station" in collaboration with ROCKAWAY have already achieved remarkable success in Poland and other countries. In particular, "Sound Station" has entered several international radio charts.

DAGGA (Dagmara Czerlach) is a talented pop Singer and songwriter from Poland, based in New York City. Dagga’s music has been featured on popular playlists like New Music Friday, and she frequently collaborates with other artists as both as a singer and songwriter – THE MOMENT together with AGE CONNECT is their first colloboration.



Liner Notes:

AGE CONNECT & DAGGA, a dynamic collective of experienced musicians from New York City, Wuppertal and Warsaw, join forces to release their first single together entitled “The Moment”.

The song promises to captivate listeners with a modern, unique pop music sound - at every party, on the radio and in all clubs.


With funky bass lines, spirited guitar riffs, modern dynamic synthesizers and captivating, unique outstanding DAGGA's vocals, AGE CONNECT & DAGGA deliver a modern pop music song that can become a dance & summer hit 2024.


“The Moment” is a song that will be received by all popular radio/TV stations and DJs who like modern pop music with haunting vocals from the attractive DAGGA - a potential summer hit in 2024!


The song tells the story of a person who meets one’s dream partner unexpectedly and unplanned - but is so impressed that he/she has to and wants to use THE MOMENT to fulfill their dream.


It is a celebration that wishes and dreams can come true - in any situation in life, even and above all unplanned - you must never give up - hope! That's why it's worth it! "The Moment" gives everyone strength to believe in their wishes and dreams!




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