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AGE CONNECT are Peter Surray, originally from Wuppertal/Germany, now living in Poland, and Tomasz Labanowski, who is an excellent guitar player, arranger & producer in Warsaw - they started to cooperate in July 2021. With their first two singles “Power of Devotion” and “Together” they already achieved success in Poland and other countries. With ROCKAWAY, who is a Hamburg based musician and singer, producer & songwriter with national & international releases and gold & platinum awards they released “Sound Station”, we achieved remarkable success in Poland & other countries. In particular “Sound Station” has entered several international radio charts.

AGE CONNECT are cooperating too with DAGGA (Dagmara Czechura), a very talented pop Singer & songwriter from Poland, based in New York City - “The Moment” is our first collaboration.

2022 AGE CONNECT published their First CD “Power of Devotion” , to buy at 🔥 enjoy!

Originally AGE CONNECT was founded 1985 in Wuppertal by Peter (dr, lyrics), his brother Thomas/Bass (+) and Franki (gr). Together with Bernard (keys) they composed & performed in Europe until 1995. They published a vinyl single “To be in Love”.

2021 Peter restarted with Tomasz (and Ansgar Gusinde (Keys) in Munich) & since 2023 Bernd Klimpel, a successful songwriter from Hamburg/Germany(Gold- & Platinum awards) the journey of AGE CONNECT - … a lot of new super Pop Music songs are in the pipeline for you ❤️❤️

Sound Station Cover

Lidia Kopania

wokal, tekst


Tomek Łabanowski

gitary rytmiczne i solowe


Piotra Sury

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