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29/11/23: SOUNDSTATION another week on hitlist Radio ZW, PL

21/11/22: Winner in You! On PolishChart Radio Wnet FM, PL

16/11/22: Power of Devotion No. 5 ma hitlist Laggoon FM, PL

14/11/22: Winner in You! Song of the day at Radio ZW, PL

6/11/22: song Jestes Najlepszym on PolishChart Radio Wnet FM, PL

30/10/22: Open Fire another week on hitlist PolishChart Radio Wnet FM, PL

26/10/22: album promo interview at Radio ZW, Poland


Open Fire No. 3 on PolishChart Radio Wnet FM

23/10/22: Live Interview at PolishChart Radio Wnet FM, start  15:40

16/10: release of album Power of Devotion on streaming portals

12/10/22: promo article on M-MAG.pl and czarnonaczarnym, PL

11/10/22: Power of Devotion on hitlist Radio Plus Gryfice, PL

10/10/22: Album Teaser on YouTube

9/10/22: Open Fire No. 5 on PolishChart Radio Wnet FM

2/10/22: Open Fire no. 10 at Hitlist PolishCharts Radio Wnet FM

29/9/22: Photo shooting for CD release 25/10/22

26/9/22: song Open Fire on hitlist RadioWNET FM, PL

18/9/22: Please don“t go Radio Premiere on Studio309WHV, GER

14/9/22: Print&Press Prototyp CD Power of Devotion

13/9/22: Soundstation another week on hitlist Radio ZW, PL

12/9/22: Power of Devotion again No.1 on hitlist lagoonFM, PL

6/9/22: Soundstation again on hitlist Radio ZW, PL

30/8/22: Soundstation again on hitlist Radio ZW, PL

28/8/22: Soundstation on Hitlist PolishChart Polish List, Radio Wnet

23/8/22: Soundstation TOP 5 on hitlist Radio ZW, PL

21/8/22: Concert Open Air in Swinemünde, PL/GER

19/8/22: Power of Devotion No.  9 hitlist Radio Plus Gryfice, PL

19/8/22: Soundstation on hitlist Radio Plus Gryfice, PL

17/8/22: Get Up! Premiere at Polish Radio

16/8/22: Soundstation Top 10 hitlist Radio ZW, PL

14/8/22: Concert at MOLO Sopot, PL

6/8/22: Soundstation (Polish) Clip Premiere on YouTube

2/8/22: Soundstation (16) & Power of Devotion (24) na hitlist Radio ZW, PL

30/7/22: Power of Devotion again TOP 10 at Hitlist Radio Plus Gryfice, PL

24/7/22: Soundstation Radio Premiere on Studio309WHV, GER

26/7/22: New hit Soundstation premiere on Radio ZW, PL

29/7/22: Soundstation clip Premiere on YouTube

19/7/22: recording Soundstation Polish text

14/7/22: Summer Tour Start in Miedzyzdroje, PL

11/7/22: video shoot Soundstation finished

12/7/22: Power of Devotion again No 1 on hitlist Radio ZW, PL

5/7/22: Power of Devotion No. 1 at Hitlist Radio ZW, PL

4/7/22: Power of Devotion 15 weeks on Hitlist Radio Plus Gryfice

21/6/22: Power of Devotion again Top 8 Hitlist Radio ZW

13/6/22: Power of Devotion again No 1 on hitlist lagoon.fm

7.6.22: another week top 15 hitlist Radio ZW

2/6/22: Power of Devotion No. 4 on hitlist Radio Plus Gryfice

25/5/22: interview at RadioWuppertal.de & Power of Devotion presentation

22/5/22:  Soundstation, new summer22 hit single video premiere June22

17/5/22: Power of Devotion 17 weeks on hitlist Radio ZW

15/5/22: Concert at Monopol, Łódź (Poland)

11/5/22: >400k Power of Devotion video Clip on YouTube

10/5/22: Power of Devotion No. 2 again on hitlist Radio Lagoon.FM

7/5/22: Power of Devotion No. 10 on hitlist Radio Plus, Gryfice

5/5/22: 350k views Power of Devotion video on YouTube

26/4/22: Power of Devotion No. 5 on hitlist Radio ZW

23/4/22: > 300k views Power of Devotion video on YouTube

17/4/22: Get UP! New hit single premiere on German market.

10/4/22: start ticket sale concert 15 maj at Monopolis, Lodz

9/4/22: Band Interview at Radio Żnin FM


Debütsingle – ein großer Erfolg


Ein einzigartiger Sound


Power of Devotion - Video official 4 march 2022 / please likes and comments


Tomek Łabanowski

rythym & solo guitars


Ansgar Gusinde


Sylwia Wysocka



Peter Surray

drums & percussion

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About us

About us

  With the new band line up Sylwia Wysocka (vocals), Tomek Łabanowski (guitars), Ansgar Gusinde (keyboards) and Peter Surray (drums, lyrics) we are producing mega pop dance hits which will be presented to the world in 2022! Guest musician in the studios is Marlena Rutkowska on the bass line and Martin Koehmstedt solo guitars on 2 songs .  AGE CONNECT 2021, a Polish/German Band, is ready to go to the people around the globe, concert tour is planed too, enjoy!

Peter Surray starts a comeback in 2021 together with Tomek Łabanowski from Warsaw/Poland, a Polish arranger, producer & fantastic professional guitar player. Supported by Pete’s wife Agata their first song “Cause We are Young (2021)” joined every stream portal worldwide like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube. The video clip “Cause We are Young (2021)”, produced in Poland, has 145k views on YouTube, is watched in 18 countries around the world: top 6 markets are Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Germany and Emirates. At some Polish and German Radio stations this single is placed on hit lists for many weeks, e.g. at Radio ZW 3 weeks no. 1!

In clubs around the world, people enjoining and dancing to “Cause We are Young (2021)” and our second hit single Power of Devotion with a video clip that has almost 500k views on YouTube and is played at more than 30 Radio stations around Europe, this song is placed on 8 international Radio hitlist! That is reason enough to produce more dance-pop songs in the future for our fans worldwide.

History: German Pop Band in of the 80ths, formed by Peter (drums & lyrics) and Thomas Surray (bass) together with Frank Treppmann (guitar). Later, Bernd Goratsch (keyboards) and Molly Molotov (vocals) joined the band. Together they produced 1 one single and had concerts in Germany, Netherlands, Benelux and Poland.

1990 the band finished their actives leavening a produced long play with mega 8 songs/hits!


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